Symphonie's Great Expectations

Cordial's That's Amore

Sterlyng's Quick Draw McGraw

Cordial's Joy To You And Me

Int. Nord. Shyloch's Excalibur

Int. Nord. Rollick's Diva

Fralin's Master MacGraw

Sterlyng's Staying The Pace

Cordial's Comet O'Lyrna

Cordial's M'lady Gwendolyn

Int. Nord. Valera's Tin Tin

Int. Nord. Shyloch's Talk About Valera

Sw. Rollick's Critical Acclaim

Int. Nord. Rollick's By Design

Tontine's American Hero

Fralin's Lady Donnybrook

Fralin's Sterling Sensation

Blujac's Little Bit O'Erin

Camshron's Eclipse

Cordial's By Any Other Name

Valtera's Blue Is Best

Connell's Wilde Irish Rose

Sw. Rollick's Rainbow Warrior

Int. Nord. Curragh's Katana

Int. Nord. Blaaskaeg's Earth Wind And Fire

Int. Nord. Belland's Fleur de Rose

Dk. Sw. Rollick's Devil In Disguise

Sw. Rollick's Make My Day

Am. Maygate's Bogy Blue

Sw. Rollick's Make My Day