Multi. BIS. BISS. Am. Can. Gr. Sw. Symphonie's Be My Valentine, CGN

Goodspicey's Hot Doubleuberry

Goodspice's Blackened Blueberry

Doubleu's Driving Miss Daisy

Int. Nord. Shyloch's Excalibur

Int. Nord. Rollick's Diva

Am. Curragh's Iron Liege

Goodspice's Blueberry Jam

Wedgewood's On The Road Again

Rockwell's Trouble Double U Bitch

Int. Nord. Valera's Tin Tin

Int. Nord. Shyloch's Talk About Valera

Sw. Rollick's Critical Acclaim

Int. Nord. Rollick's By Design

Kel-tara's Kolonel Kopper

Am. Curragh's The Huntress

Wedgewood's Winter Storm

Goodspice's Blueberry Pi

Am. Wedgewood's Make My Day

Cavan's Leapin' Leprechaun



Sw. Rollick's Rainbow Warrior

Int. Nord. Curragh's Katana

Int. Nord. Blaaskaeg's Earth Wind And Fire

Int. Nord. Belland's Fleur de Rose

Dk. Sw. Rollick's Devil In Disguise

Sw. Rollick's Make My Day

Am. Maygate's Bogy Blue

Sw. Rollick's Make My Day